We have a series of delicious and beneficial suggestions that will accompany and supplement your people’s experience. Our focus is exclusively on super-foods and antioxidant mixes that boost your mood and increase your energy levels

Our goal is to educate you about methods that promote physical and mental wellness as well as new ways of diet. If we influence your nutritional habits positively, we will also help you change your daily routine. Changing your daily routine helps improve your body’s energy reserves, boost your mental power and consequently increase your productivity.

Principles of Nutrition

In general, we follow some basic nutritional principles in order to prepare the proper energy drinks and food mixes for you.

  • The first principle of nutrition says that healthy is natural
    Meaning anything that is produced and offered by Mother Nature without any interventions or processing
  • The second principle of nutrition says that healthy is raw

  • The third principle focuses on the right combination of foods
    and for that we address experienced nutritionists that give us their specialized counsel

Improvement of Cognitive Functions

  • Dry nuts and seeds are excellent sources of antioxidant vitamin E, which is associated with reduced cognitive decline
  • Dark chocolate has many powerful antioxidant properties and contains natural stimulants which can boost mental focus and concentration

Energy Boost

  • Goji berries have the highest rating of viτal energy, 355.000 units on the Bovis scale, which is one of the reasons that prove the powerful and numerous benefits that are experienced from those that consume them

    More specifically:

    • It’s a rich source of thiamine, which is a mood booster, it relieves depression and increases energy levels
    • They boost your libido and sexual stimulation
    • They contain magnesium which improves the quality of your sleep
  • Hippophae or sea buchthorns, is the best way to remove toxins form the body and thus increase vital energy
Improvement of the Immune

  • Ginger is a very beneficial root for the immune system and it regulates blood pressure. It also reduces pain in the body as it has anti-inflammatory properties

We focus exclusively on super-foods and antioxidant mixes that boost your mood and increase your energy levels