Making Your Company Wellness Program Work

3 Must-Haves For a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

In all the work we’ve done to help companies keep employees stress-free and happy, it always comes back to the wellness program. But how can you make a corporate wellness program that really works? 

In this article, we’ll cover these basic areas of wellness that will keep employees on the right track and your ROI high. 


According to an article from BenefitsPro, a top priority for millennial workers is addressing stress reduction and sources of stress, such as financial concerns. 

Addressing these 3 key areas will ensure your corporate wellness program is appealing and useful to your people. 

Health and Physical Wellness

Keeping employees physically fit, healthy, and injury-free should be a top priority for competitive companies. When workers are well cared for, they’re able to work better, take fewer sick days, and minimize on-the-job injuries

Companies of all sizes can assist in employee wellness with different kinds of support. This can include helping to cover the cost of health insurance, providing on site massage services, gym memberships, and making healthy food options available. 

Emotional Wellness and Mental Health

Providing mental wellness support is another way for companies to help employees reduce overall stress. Providing support through financial assistance for counseling sessions, medications for mental health, and bereavement leave can have a big impact on employee mental wellness. 

Emotional wellness support at work can help employees effectively manage anxiety, depression and other conditions that make work difficult. 

Social Wellness

Providing opportunities for workers to create a better work-life balance can ultimately increase productivity and reduce turnover.

By creating flexible working environments and schedules, employees are able to have time to travel to visit family, take personal days off to recoup and recharge with friends, and be available for important family events like school plays and concerts. 

When workers have enough time and attention for all aspects of their lives, they produce better work. This is why it’s so important to make wellness programs all-inclusive.